Amazon Email Template | Feedbackwhiz Follow Up Email Sequence Tutorial (Step by Step)

Here is my personal Amazon Email Template by using feedbackwhiz I to send follow up emails to my customers. After doing some testing, I noticed that Amazon reviews tend to convert better if you are only asking for one request. In this Amazon Email Template, I show you that I only have two emails going out to the customer. First Amazon email is a simple "thank you". The second email here is only asking for a product review. I am not asking the customer to contact myself and I am not asking them to leave me storefront feedback. If you are asking for too many things for the customer in one Amazon email template, they're simply going to close the email and/or ignore you. Customers like to be directed to do simple tasks. I'm sure there are lots more amazon email templates out there that will convert, but this is mine that has worked well for me as of today. If you do want to ask for storefront feedback, I suggest doing so in a different Amazon email template. Give feedbackwhiz a free try for 30 days and get your second month for 50% off with the code AMAZONWINNERS

Feedbackwhiz Tutorial Video:

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