Beef Boss (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

In today's polymer clay tutorial we will create the new skin Beef Boss with his Deep Fried Back Bling and Patty Whacker from Fortnite!

I asked you for help to share your ideas for a great background story for this Fortnite character and I am sooo impressed by all your crazy and creative stories about our Beef Boss (and also many ideas about his rival Tomatohead too)!
Thank you, I hope you enjoy the stories in today episode as much as I enjoyed reading them :)


2:50 Beef Boss is Tomatohead
3:42 Wants to become a bacon burger
5:51 Revenge against Burger King
9:17 Kidnapped by Tomatohead
12:41 Beefy vs Ragnarok

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