Funny Commercial - Fantasy ( Martabak & Terang Bulan Vendor )

Our creative commercial video work for Fantasy ( Martabak & Terang Bulan Vendor )

Director & Editor : Rahadyan Amandita
Cameraman : Fauzi Sasongko
Actor : Toni Gentong

Location : Malang, Indonesia

Arkamaya Images Production
Contact : 08179652741 / 081233300538
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E-mail : arkamaya.image

*What is martabak ??*
Martabak is often described as spicy folded omelette pancake with bits of vegetables, It is the most common form of martabak which is egg-filled pancake, sometimes mixed with green onion and minced meat, made from pan fried crepes which is folded and cut to squares. In Indonesia, the Martabak is one of the most popular street foods . There are two Indonesian versions: a savory with egg and meat, and a sweet one. In Indonesia, the savory beaten-egg filled martabak is called 'martabak telur — to differ it from 'martabak manis, the sweet martabak folded pancake. Nowadays there is a lot Martabak Telur vendor on the street, and the bussiness competition become more harder, so not suprised if every vendor created their own many varieties of Martabak Telur ( Filled with beef meat, chicken meat, mushroom, tuna meat, etc. ) to attract the customers

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