Google Ads Tutorial 2019 - Gmail Ads Targeting Tutorial

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Gmail Ads are one of the most powerful ways of getting your ads in front of your audience. Used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide, you can target your ads extremely powerfully using these targeting options shown in this video.

Here’s how you can target your ads in front of the relevant audience:

Affinity Audiences
Reach potential clients and make them aware of your business. Affinity Audiences are long term ‘interest-based’ audience. For example, if you are a Chelsea Football Club fan, then Google knows that you are a football fan as you visit the various football themed websites to check scores and the latest news.

Audience Keywords
Choose keywords or phrases which are relevant to your product or service so your ads appear in front of your potential customers.

Automated Targeting
Allows you to optimise your targeting across Gmail automatically.

Customer Match
Show your ads to your audience based on data about them that everyone shares with Google.

In-Market Audience
Find customers who are in the market for your product or services. These are people who are currently & actively searching for products or services similar to yours.

Life Events
Reach customers in key life moments like marriage, moving or college graduation.

Reach people who have already engaged and interacted with your company’s products or services, including past website visitors, mobile app users or someone who has watched one of your YouTube videos.

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