GOT7 - ‘Lullaby’ Tutorial (Mirrored + Explanation) | Ellen and Brian

Here is our mirrored dance tutorial for GOT7 - Lullaby’s chorus with detailed explanation. Cover coming soon!
Taught and Edited by: Brian Li -
Ellen Min -

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0:17 Chorus Part 1 w/ Explanation
9:43 Chorus Part 1 w/ Counts
10:19 Chorus Part 1 w/ 0.75x speed
10:41 Chorus Part 1 w/ 1x speed
10:58 Chorus Part 2 w/ Explanation
18:14 Chorus Part 2 w/ Counts
18:50 Chorus Part 2 w/ 0.75x speed
19:13 Chorus Part 2 w/ 1x speed
19:31 Everything w/ counts
20:56 Everything w/ 0.75x speed
21:37 Everything w/ 1x speed!


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