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Hey hi hello guys, hope you are having a great day.

Just a short little video about something we all can learn from. I personally don’t give a shit that he traced, if he traced. Like… I don’t know, I know he can make shit himself without tracing, so if anything it seems A BIT lazy to me. But if it floats his boat, I guess, whatever. But when you do that SO BLATANTLY, and you don’t credit the person it obviously is… it’s a bit lame. I think.
Like just… credit the person you drew. It’s a nice thing to do. And keeps the cyber PAWLEESE from knocking down your door.

so there we are! Let me know what you think!
Also please check out the person who brought this to my attention, Lucas Peinador!

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(for a free dupe, use adobe sketch + draw)

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