The Allure of High Heels


Find out why women wear high heels. High heels are uncomfortable and unpractical, so why do women wear them?A new study reveals that the way high heels make a woman walk have an effect on the way she moves. That shift in movement makes other people perceive the wearer as more feminine and attractive. 15 men and 15 women served as subjects in the study. They watched outlines of 12 women walking. Each female walked with and without heels on for a short period of time. The subjects were then asked to rate how attractive the figures were.Both men and women participants rated the high heel walkers as more attractive. As part of the same study, a larger group of subjects with 82 women and 32 men saw the same footage. They were later asked if the outlines of the figures walking were male or female. The outlines that weren't wearing heels were mislabeled as men 28 percent of the time. Only 17 percent of the figures wearing heels were mistaken for men. Researchers say that the wearing of high heels alters the stride of the person, making them characteristically more attractive to potential mates. What do you think? Do high heels make women more attractive or feminine?

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