TXT - ‘CROWN’ Dance Tutorial (Explanation + Mirrored) | Ellen and Brian

Learn TXT (투모로우바이투게더) - CROWN (어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다) with Brian’s detailed explanation! Our couple cover and lots of other covers are coming soon~
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Taught and edited by Brian Li - https://instagram.com/briankevli
Ellen Min - https://instagram.com/ellenmint_
Our couple account: https://instagram.com/eebeelife

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This video is mirrored so you should watch it as if you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. You can also follow what I say in terms of the direction (left/right). Feel free to change up the speed of this video depending on your personal preference by adjusting it in the YouTube settings and repeat the parts based on your own learning pace.

0:19 Chorus Part 1 explanation
7:01 Chorus Part 1 w/ counts
7:49 Chorus Part 1 w/ 0.75x speed
8:05 Chorus Part 1 w/ full speed!
8:18 Chorus Part 2 explanation
12:04 Chorus Part 2 w/ counts
12:40 Chorus Part 2 w/ 0.75x speed
12:56 Chorus Part 2 w/ full speed
13:08 Chorus Part 3 explanation
19:08 Chorus Part 3 w/ counts
20:06 Chorus Part 3 w/ 0.75x speed
20:33 Chorus Part 3 w/ full speed
20:54 Everything w/ Counts
22:35 Everything w/ 0.75x speed
23:25Everything w/ full speed

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Disclaimer: We do not own any of the music or choreography.
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