Card Trick Tutorial - The SWING CHANGE

In this episode I’m teaching you how to instantly change / transform one playing card for another, at the tip of your fingers, without cover, which all happens at the snap of your fingers… Although this one is somewhat technically challenging, I cover EVERYTHING in this lesson. This one is visually stunning, and you’ll be completely clean at the end (apart from the cup of sausages.) Enjoy! x


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‘Cylinder 4’ ’Take Off and Shoot a Zero’ & ‘CGI Snake’ by Chris Zabriskie are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist:

DISCLAIMER: As always, I never claim to be the original inventor or creator of my magic, deceptive methods or sleight-of-hand techniques, I only ever claim to have discovered and developed my magic and performances, in isolation, in an unorthodox manner, away from magic and magicians - a conscious decision made long ago in an attempt to always create, discover and develop original ideas that have not been swayed, misguided, or inadvertently influenced by other artists and creators.
Any likenesses or similarities with the work or creations of other magicians, creators or artists are purely coincidental. I believe that there is nothing new under the sun… When likeminded artists with similar ambitions attempt to achieve all of the wonderful and amazing things that are possible with a deck of playing cards, obviously similarities will occur and similar problem-solving individuals, will inevitably reach the same conclusions and arrive at the same destinations. It then becomes a matter of who came first?
The chicken, it was the chicken.
Before sharing or publishing my creations and discoveries, I always call upon a few close people who help me research so that if any similarities ever occur, I can correctly acknowledge, credit or remove where appropriate. Should my work, creations or publications share any likenesses that are not acknowledged or credited correctly, there is usually a justified reason however, I do aim to credit and acknowledge correctly and accordingly so please, let me know if you believe that I have missed or not acknowledged when and where I should have… I am always learning and in my plight to advance the practice and performance of magic as an art, I will always do the right thing and offer thanks, credit and acknowledgments.
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