Crochet Ornament Blanket - Full Tutorial

This afghan has been designed by me, Mikey of The Crochet Crowd. Originally finalized in August 2018. This afghan is designed to be extremely colourful and is a great way to plan an afghan through colour strategy or use up odd balls that is in your collection.

There will be two ways suggested for the shape of the afghan. One way takes 50 motifs, the other takes 52 motifs. The more colours you use, the more unique each ornament can look like. You are the creator of your ornament afghan.

Full Video in Segments:

Clue 1: Beginning to 17:35
Clue 2: 17:35 - 34:15
Clue 3: 34:15 - 40:00
Cue 4: 40:00 - End

Get the written pattern at:
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