DIY Pusheen Mermaid Tail Blanket!! NO SEW Tutorial!

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Hi guys!! I received so many requests for a DIY mermaid tail blanket so I decided to kawaii-fy the idea and make a DIY Pusheen Mermaid Tail Blanket which doesn't require any sewing either! This was my first attempt at filming a larger DIY project which wasn't on a table. I was quite pleased with how this turned out, the only part you need to be very careful about is to apply the hot glue exactly up to the marker line. If the line is too messy the the DIY blanket won't have a nice shape when turned inside-out.

You can hand-wash this blanket carefully but the "no sew" version is not going to be as strong as a normal blanket. If you want a much sturdier, washable mermaid blanket, then you should use fabric and a sewing machine for all parts of this DIY! You can always get an adult with more sewing experience to help you. I don't actually know how to use a sewing machine myself, so I couldn't create a more polished version of this DIY ^_^".

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Pusheen Face Template:
(You may need to enlarge or shrink this slightly using your printer settings depending on how big your blanket is!)

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Grey Fleece Blanket:,,
White Chalkboard Marker:
Hot Glue Gun:
Foam Rubber Sheet PINK:,,
Foam Rubber Sheet WHITE:
(I used LILAC which I couldn't find online but please try looking in craft stores like Michaels. For German/Austrian viewers, I bought my foam rubber sheets from Thalia)
*I've only included Amazon USA links since that's where the majority of my viewers are. However you can simply search for the same item or brand on your local Amazon(s) and most should be able to ship.

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Hope you enjoyed this DIY Pusheen x Mermaid Tail Blanket! This was my first attempt at making a mermaid tail blanket. It took about 3 hours from beginning till end which isn't that long for an impressive DIY this size. You can cut a lot of time off this DIY project by using hot glue instead of sewing, and foam rubber pieces instead of felt.
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