GTA 5 FAILS - RANDOM & FUNNY MOMENTS #13 (GTA V Funny Moments Compilation)

I had to make this episode pretty fast thats why there is a lack of quality in my opinion, which i'm trying to avoid now in my future videos. Having currently a lot of private stuff to do and i'm doing my videos besides other projects which makes it even harder to get them done on point. But i'm probably gonna make a video about that soon.

But still thanks for taking your time and watching this video

JoeDan :

Redkeymon :
(credits for the scene at 2:52)

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Music :

- Super Mario 64 Soundtrack - Bomb-omb Battlefield
- Clowning Around - Shaun Frearson
- Kevin MacLeod ~ Spazzmatica Polka
- Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Spanish Flea
- Kevin MacLeod ~ Hitman
- It's always Funny in Philadelphia - Haim Mazar
- Livin' in the Sunlight Lovin' in the moonlight- Tiny Tim
- Undertale OST 015 - sans.
- Ghostpocalypse (Action Music)
- Kevin MacLeod ~ Sunshine

Outro Song : Droptek - Rupture
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