How to Paint Foliage in Watercolor: 2 Stage Landscape Painting Tutorial with Angela Fehr

Paint an Irish landscape in watercolor! In this lesson I teach you how to paint a two stage landscape painting, starting with a wet in wet sky painting, then adding details to create a scene set in Wicklow, Ireland.
I love to paint the texture of foliage, bushes and grass in the foreground to make this part of the painting the focal point, and I show you how in this quick lesson you can paint in a weekend!

}}Reference photo and supplies linked below.

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This lesson gives you the chance to see some of the beautiful brushes made by Rosemary & Co Artist Brushes in action in a landscape painting. I'll share with you what I love about a good quality watercolour brush, how to use a variety of different brush shapes, and why a good brush isn't just about the shape of the point!

Reference Photo:

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