Making a Jazzy Hip-Hop Song in FL Studio 20 2019 Tutorial

Watch me break down The jazzy hip hop music sound and show you how to make a jazzy type beat from scratch in under 5 minutes using Fruity Loops or FL Studio. I also go over some jazz music theory for beginners.

Vocal Mixing Tutorial:
Mixing and Mastering Tutorial:
FL Studio Mousepads:

This is an jazz hip hop beat where I emulate the jazz sound and make a chill, emotional sounding jazz hip-hop song. I'm showing you how to make an jazz type beat in FL Studio 2019 with no samples. I'm making jazz boom bap music in this tutorial of FL Studio 2019, it's a rap music tutorial/rap beat tutorial, wherein I create a jazz rap type song in under 5 minutes. It's a rap, hip-hop, boom bap tutorial.
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