Matching Nails and Lips Design - Nail Tutorial - Geometric Matte Look Nails and Lips

Kirsty has found lots of Instagram posts which show matching Lips and Nail designs. They look great but they have also been photoshopped to within an inch of their lives.

So first of all i am going to wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution. So it is all nice and clean, The colour that i am going to use today is called Muddly Puddly, so i am going to put two coats of this on.

Into the UV Lamp for two minutes. So now they are cured, I am gonna take off the sticky layer with the gel residue wipe off solution.

So for the next step i am gonna use some acrylic paint, just some of the polycolor black, be very neat and precise. I am gonna add a little bit of water to the paint because i want it to flow really easily on the nail. I am gonna use a shorter brush first of all.

I have sort of been inspired by clean sort of geometric flowing patterns. scraping off what i don't want So on the rest of the nails, we are gonna do these random shapes.

So i always seeing these kind of things on Instagram, these lip/nail match things, and i have just really wanted to try and see if you can do it and it looks really good without all of the photoshop, because let me tell you this lip and nail thing that you see all over instagram is heavily photoshopped, believe me, so we are gonna try and create that look on camera, without photoshop.

Now i am gonna use the Matte Topcoat, because i want them to be matte, because my lips are gonna be matte.

So i am gonna pop that into the lamp for two minutes now. and give that a full cure, I am gonna put two coats of the Matte TopCoat on.

Now i am gonna take those out and i am gonna wipe those over with Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution. So there you are i have wiped off the sticky layer.

The products that i am gonna use for my lips are the Jeffree Star, it's called Posh Spice, it's gorgeous. Then to do the black design i've got a couple of liquid eyeliners, i have a Rimmel Scandaleyes one and we have a NYX Super Fat Eye Marker.

I am gonna put this on first.

Now this will dry Matte.

So i am gonna do one side first, and then match up the other side, going from my cupids bow out and now for the bottom lip, I am making sure i cover all of my lip in this gorgeous colour.

it is called a precision micro eyeliner, because i needed to be precise. everytime that nib runs dry i am gonna shake it down in the lid, because if you don't flick it in the lid, it'll go everywhere.

you do need a steady hand for this but i am resting my hand on my face while i do it so i can stay quite steady.

I am just gonna map out these little lines. So i know the spacing is right and i can carry on with the actual lines of the pattern.

Gonna use the fat liner now. I am trying not to touch it.

It is okay to put these eyeliners on your lips but the only thing is, if you wanted to wear this all day or of an evening you could use something like the double wear Estee Lauder one, Which is just as good. but this is water proof.

So there you are, i have done my full lips now, lets have a look if we can see what it looks like for one of those Instagram Pictures



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