Salon Style Nails - Short Ballerina/Coffin Glitter Nails - Naio Nails Tutorial - Part 1

In this video Kirsty's nail model/client has very short very bitten nails. She states that she is going to do this exactly as she would in a salon.
Kirsty begins by pushing the cuticles back, but she has to be very careful as they haven't been pushed for a long time and are damaged from chewing.
The next step is to lightly file the nails, removing the surface shine, she has to do this very gently because normally she would use a white block or buffer, but because the nail is so small and the sking around is so raised, she can't get to where she needs to be and risks damaging the skin.

Kirsty the sizes up all of the tips and fits them with nail glue, she does have to trim some of them down slightly. The next step is to clip the edges off the nail tips, to a desired length and style, this one being Ballerina shapen nails or coffin shaped nails.

Next Kirsty uses a file to refine the edges and length before dusting and wiping over iwth gel reisdue wip off solution. She can then use Nail Prep Dehydrator and Acid Free Primer on the natural nail. Kirsty give the nails two coats of Acid Free Primer as she wan't to make sure she protects against lifting as her client is known to pick and flick.

Next kirsty uses Max Adhesion Acrylic Liquid and Peach Cover to create smilines on 3 of the nails, she opts for a rounded smileline rather than a coffin shaped one.

Kirsty chooses a medium sized bead and with the finger pointed down, she applied the acrylic, and lets gravity shape the smileline, while making small adjustments, ONce the acrylic on all three is dry, Kirsty refines with a file, and the dusts over.



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