The Division - How to build YOUR decent Firecrest build - Tutorial (Gear, Mods, Weapons, Abilities)

I know, there are already different build videos out there about firecrest builds. And many of them just show one version and many think there is just "one to rule them all". But this is wrong. It has to suit you and nobody else and there are different ways to setup your personal decent Tactician build. In this build i will discuss and show you the options you do have. Just try and find out, what works for you the best ;-)

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Times Square (20 min):
Warrengate (21 min):
Napalm (21 min):

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Legendary Solo with different builds:

Napalm (HEXO Sniper):
Times Square (HEXO Sniper):
Times Square (D3-FNC):
Napalm (D3-FNC):
Times Square (Firecrest):
Warrengate (Firecrest Urban MDR):

Have fun watching. If you have any other questions or want to see any other builds or guides, leave a comment and a thumbs up, appreciate it a lot ;-) Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already.

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