Tyranid BLUE 'Coconut Crab' Paint Scheme Tutorial

By popular request, here's a variant of the 'coconut crab' scheme, adapted to use 'cold' colors. If you haven't seen the original yet, it will help provide context:

Essentially, what I've done here is switch the patterning colors for blue equivalents, and replace the brown wash with a black one.

Because a black wash is neutral- neither 'warm' nor 'cold'- it can be used over any color and work reasonably well. So if you want to modify the coconut crab scheme, particularly if you want to use 'cold' colors, I suggest you use this recipe as your base. You can also make the end result darker by using a 2:1:1 mix of Dark Tone/mixing medium/water, rather than the 1:1:1 mix I use here.

Total paints needed:
-White Primer (I use Badger Stynylrez)
-White (I use VMA White)
-VMC Deep Sky Blue
-VMC Blue
-Army Painter Dark Tone
-Army Painter Red Tone
-Army Painter Quickshade Wash Mixing Medium
-Varnish (I use AK Interactive Ultra Matte)

Three more sample schemes are coming to demonstrate different patterning techniques, so stay tuned!
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