Vintage Rose Watercolor Tutorial & Xanadu Art Studio Handmade Watercolor Review/Overview

Xanadu Art Studio Watercolor Review/Overview
If you like the rose I demoes you can find more easy step by step florals in my Watercolor Flower Workshop:

This is an overview of the handmade watercolors created by Xanadu Art Studio.
Xanadu Art Studio YouTube channel where you can learn much more about them than I can tell you:

Here is a link to my handmade watercolor video:

BTW the swatching stamps I use can be found here:

I am not really familiar with handmade watercolors so this will be more of an overview and my insights and opinions but I encourage you to check out other reviews of these watercolors from artists who have used more handmade watercolors than I have.
Eve Bolt showcases a lot of handmade watercolors:
As does Sadie Saves the Day:

These were fun to use, I will use them with brighter colors as the palette is too muted on its own. I hope you enjoyed this:)

Xanadu Art Studio Watercolor Review/Overview
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