CLEAR SLIME TUTORIAL! with Elmer's Glue!

This is a full clear slime tutorial using Elmer's glue that we imported from America :) It's about R1000 to import one bottle of Elmer's to South Africa. Therefore, this tutorial is mainly aimed at our international mushkins that have access to this glue. I really really hope that this video is helpful :) aaaaand don't worry South African mushkins, we'll do a clear slime tutorial with SA glue when we get to 20k subscribers ;)

Watch our SA slime supplies video here:

About us: We are a slime company based in Cape Town, South Africa! You can order slime via our website or you can go and stalk our Instagram @mushyslime ( and @mushyslimebts (

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Music by Joakim Karud ('Lowrider').
Editing done by Mush on iMovie and Windows Movie Maker.
All filming done with an iPhone 6S.
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